Insurance Department Warning!

Insurance Department Warning Consumers
Not To Accept Offers for Health Coverage from Unlicensed Entities
Verify Before You Buy: Call 800-203-3447
The Connecticut Insurance Department is advising consumers to be aware of a number of unlicensed entities that may be marketing health insurance or medical discount plans, marketing the products largely over the Internet.
Insurance Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi said the Department has identified several unlicensed or unauthorized entities that have been known to market health insurance, limited medical plans or medical discount cards through Web sites, by phone, e-mail and by fax.
“If they have no license, then they have no business doing business in Connecticut. Period.” Commissioner Leonardi said. “Consumers can easily find out what insurance companies are authorized to sell health insurance in Connecticut by contacting the Department either by phone or on our Web site. It is tremendously important that consumers verify before they buy.”
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