Commercial Insurance

Commercial Coverage that you can afford…

J&S Agency - Commercial Insurance for CT BusinessBusiness insurance serves the insurance needs of businesses rather than individuals. Business insurance protects a business financially against the loss of key lives, worker’s compensation claims, lawsuits, property loss, business interruption, and more. If you want to be protected in today’s rather uncertain world, then you must have this coverage. With that being said, however, not all policies are created equal. An annual review of your policy will save you time and money in the not-so far away long run.

Your business never stays the same every year, neither should your insurance. You might have discontinued some products and still be paying for them on your policy or you could have expansion plans in the near future that require a totally different plan than you currently have. Laws and regulations change, policies adapt, needs grow and shrink – your business coverage should reflect what you need right now and always at the best rate. Contact us today for a free analysis of your policy.

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